Salted Peanut & Caramel

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Caramel mallows that are topped with quality roasted salted peanuts to form perfect cubes of deliciously light moreish tempting treats

(Peanuts contain nuts and natural fat - NO ADDED FAT)

Minimum weight 80ge (8 pieces)

2 boxes offer

Gluten Free

Winner 1 Star Great Taste 2021 Awards - Simply Delicious!

"The marshmallow is soft and yielding.
The peanuts … are a great addition and there are toffee flavours coming through the marshmallow.
Attractive pillow-soft marshmallows with a fabulously bouncy texture. We loved the feeling in our mouths.
A neat and attractive looking soft marshmallows with a fabulous peanut aroma. The peanut and caramel are well judged, not too strong and the butteriness from the caramel makes this light marshmallow beautifully indulgent whilst still staying light."

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